Things to Remember if You will add another Floor

feature-1There is a huge difference if your house is a 2 Storey Unit or occupying most of the lot as a single storey unit. A twoStorey house is more attractive and of high value, not to mention that it would probably save a space on your lot for a more productive use. Some house owners have thought of upgrading their house from a single storey unit to a two storey. By doing so, here are some important details that you shouldn’t disregard when thinking of upgrading your house.

Prepare all the Plans and Paperworks
It would be illegal in most States if you are doing an additional building without a permit. Some house owners would rely soley on their own experience and knowledge together with the skill of the carpenter or mason to save some amount of money from professional contractors. It is important that prior to the upcoming project, details have all been established, including the changes in floor plan, how long will the project run before completions, how safe would be the foundation and the total area to be developed. Most States in U.S only allow a ten meter height as a standard basis for houses.

Secure the Foundation
Though most contractors are aware of the danger of having a weak foundation, you as owner most probably know the history of the ground floor that will serve as a major foundation of your home. What should be avoided most probably is “recycling” or re-using the old post, it will be safer and better if a new post would be built to support the second storey, in fact it should actually be a standard operating procedure.

Ask for a Third Party Consultant
If you are hiring a contractor, you will most probably be provided with optional designs and important details of changes to your original single storey house, the important part here is to have an assurance that all the previous engineering done like plumbing, electrical, and structural designs will be explained thoroughly. Ask your contractor to allow you a sufficient time for you to ink or sign the contract. Don’t be afraid to look for other consultant regarding the designs, size of the family and the amount of quotation.

Adding a second storey unit to your home will probably be allowing you to have an added value to your investment, simple remember but regardless of the price, the long term investment here is what make your decision valuable.

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