About Site

The founder, Engr. Edward Garcia.

The founder, Engr. Edward Garcia.

Home Remodeling is the main specialty of this website. We are here to help provide home remodeling options for old houses or even those that are damaged by natural or man made causes. We have been here in Boston for almost two decades now helping and providing the best remodeling and renovation services that we could offer. As a member of NARI or National Association of Remodeling Industry, we assure that our services provided to our clients are of quality and high standards based on our core values.

The Home Builders and Remodelers
The remodeling team is lead by Engr. Edward Garcia, who started this all. Engr. Edward at a young age have started as a design consultant for remodeling in Brazil to help out those religious congregations and churches to have a modern design and remodel their prayer houses and even their convents for the nuns to feel a homey and more religious atmosphere. Engr. Edward was then assigned in Europe to hound his skills and be familiar with the latest trend in remodeling designs.

He came back from Europe to establish his career here as a Project Engineer and later on have decided to promote the idea of creating a team of engineers with different discipline together with a programmer and a site blogger that will start working on a website that will provide details with the latest NARI news, new membership and most probably current trends in home remodeling.

The Master Plan
Engr. Edward and the team of what they called: magnificent 8 have come together to share ideas in making this dream of having a website come into reality. Visitors are now coming in based on statistics and information receive from our server, and we are constantly answering each of their inquiry one by one.

Sooner than expected, the site has finally launched its major feature of having a Q and A area through commenting and discussions with each articles post or reviews. We have also provided related news that is fresh and latest to provide more options to our readers. We are encouraging every visitor to chare this website to those who are looking for Home remodeling information.